the f1rst hero

The entire world knows the stark reality: everyone who manifests superpowers goes insane and becomes a threat to society. So, when Jake Roth develops superpowers but somehow keeps his sanity, he must decide whether to put himself at risk by using his powers to help people or do nothing and save himself while innocent people around him get hurt.

In this third volume of the TFH series, Jake faces a new extrahuman threat that’s menacing the streets of Philadelphia. And as dangerous as an eight year old girl who can control minds might be… wait until you meet her mother! Meanwhile, the US military’s ExtraHuman Task Force is working night and day to neutralize the growing superpowered threat. Could they be closing in on Jake?

Written by Anthony Ruttgaizer with art by Marco Renna (Fathom, Actionverse) with colours and letters by Fred C. Stresing, this tremendous story is only available in its entirety from Aristocrats Comics and our Merch Table Online webstore.

Scroll down to enjoy an 6-page preview of this incredible story!