Heroes of Homeroom C goes to print!

Aristocrats Comics’ latest creation, HEROES OF HOMEROOM C, has officially been sent to print this afternoon.  The 96-page original graphic novel about twin 12-year-old African American superheroes who lose their powers and are sent back to public school is currently scheduled to make its debut at Mississauga Comic Expo (MCX) on Saturday October 21st.  Funded, in part, by over 230 friends, fans and family on the Kickstarter crowdfunding, backers will receive digital PDFs of the book in the week before the print release.  Print copies and reward packages will start making their way into the mail starting the following Monday.

“I’m excited for everyone to finally read HOMEROOM C”, said creator/writer Anthony Ruttgaizer.  “This book has been four years in the making and it’s not over yet.”  Ruttgaizer is referring to his recently announced plans to create a longer, 150+ page version of this first volume which he is preparing to shop to larger book publishing houses for a possible 2018 wide release.

HEROES OF HOMEROOM C was illustrated by Carlos Granda with letters and colours by Fred C Stresing and cover by Lee Moder.  The book will be available for sale via the Aristocrats dedicated webstore at www.merchtableonline.com.