The HoHC Kickstarter hits 50% funded!

The Heroes of Homeroom C Kickstarter has hit the 50% funded mark in ONLY SEVEN DAYS!  As of this writing, the campaign has collected $3488 in pledges on it’s way to its $6750 target.  As it has been previously stated, Aristocrats Comics has some “milestone rewards” set to be triggered as the campaign continues.

Once the campaign reaches 100 backers (there are currently 89), all backers will receive access to the digital sketchbook featuring the art of Lee Moder.  A backers-only update will appear on the Kickstarter allowing everyone to download the 24-page PDF which includes some of Lee’s exciting cover work, some commission drawings, character designs and warm-up sketches.  Another, yet-to-be-announced reward will pop-up once the campaign passes the 75% funded mark.

So now is the perfect time to lend your support to the Heroes of Homeroom C Kickstarter campaign.  Help us reach our milestone rewards and help us achieve full funding for this amazing new graphic novel!