NEW Merch Table Online website is OPEN!

With an all-new Aristocrats Comics website now online, it only seemed right for us to update our official webstore, Merch Table Online, as well.  The store, formerly a Big Cartel storefront, is now being operated via the WooCommerce platform.  Changes include shipping costs for Canada and the United States calculated by weight.  The site is currently only shipping to Canada and the US but the rest of the world will be re-added soon.

As for products, the site currently features comics written by Aristocrats founder Anthony Ruttgaizer’s run at Action Lab Entertainment (including The F1rst Hero and Actionverse).  A variety of t-shirts will be added this weekend and, in the near future, the webstore will feature original art from various artists and, of course, new Aristocrats Comics books as they are published.

Check out the store now at